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Just released book by our friend Martin Gray, with a forward by Graham Hancock
(Fingerprints of the Gods)

Dear %%First Name%% , I have been up every night to 3pm reading Martin's newest book !
Many of you will remember him from the San Diego Feng Shui conference I sponsored in 2006 with his amazing slides and stories of his travels and adventures-

You all know I'm very selective as to what I send out on my email list to 9000
Having traveled to some of these places myself, including our Study tours over several years to Tibet, Peru, India, Mexico, France and China-I can truly say what a wonderful book this is
- for the adventurest at heart- like me!

Each of the sacred places shown in the photographs are accompanied by a short essay telling the story of the holy place over the millennia of its existence

The publication of this lovely book is a wonderful thing for all of us working to bring more consciousness and environmental awareness to the people of the world

Regards Roger Green

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Acclaimed photographer and anthropologist Martin Gray spent the last 20 years on an amazing pilgrimage: he visited 1,000 sacred sites in 80 countries around the world.

His journey unfolds in a remarkable compilation of images that reveals just how devoutly pre-industrial cultures everywhere worshipped and respected our Earth.
From the Western Wall to the Great Mosque of Damascus, Mt. Olympus to Assisi, Tibet’s Potala Palace to Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, Teotihuacán in Mexico to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, these are the awe-inspiring places from which all the world’s great religions sprang, along with our finest culture, art, and architecture.

Gray’s stunning photographs and fascinating text provide unique insight into why these powerful holy places are the most venerated and visited sites on the entire planet. Maps adapted from the National Geographic Society show the locations of all the sites presented, and a thorough appendix includes a comprehensive list of over 500 of the world’s sacred sites.

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