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Want 2013 to be your Breakthrough year? Do not allow fear, bad habits and resistance stop you from delivering your boldest and best art. (06 Jan 2013)
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[DareToCare] (3/5/2012)
Authenticity is the merging of self awareness and courage. Self awareness is a life’s work. Few people take it up as a committed practice. Courage, well, courage is derived from ‘cour’ for heart. Courage takes heart, vulnerability, and action. It is not the same as bravado, which all bluster minus heart. Our world is full of bravado. We are enchanted by courage because it is so rare, especially from our leaders. We long for we long to be courageous. You may already have some of these qualities, at least some of the time. You may also be brilliant at what you do. You may be rich, successful, respected. But whoever you are today - you can be much, much more.

[DareToCare] (2/13/2012)
No matter your status, single, coupled, an anti valentine kind of person...or whatever... the least we can do today is to make a commitment to LOVE. More. WOW because sometimes there are just no words in the English language to explain the feeling of gob smacking awesomeness when a light that you have been working your arse off to find suddenly comes ON.

[DareToCare] (2/1/2012)
Lets look at the facts. We no longer study history. Or those who do are kept in dusty corners of old Universities. How do I know this? There has been historical precedent to a collapsing economy, not just in the 1930’s but going back time and again from the beginning of time. There has been historical precedent for pretty much every version of war, going back to when man first sneezed. Even when we look at climate change, there is countless examples throughout history of humanity of the perils of treating nature and natural systems with disdain. 2012 will be the year of people. Regular people. Mothers, fathers, youth. Tax paying, hard working, making ends meet kind of people. People from wealthy countries, not so wealthy countries, black people, white people, gay and straight people. People will find their inner dragon.

[DareToCare] (1/18/2012)
Our journey in life is to learn to become ever more empowered, and to do this when the world offers us multiple temptations, seductions and distractions, or when we are betrayed, humiliated and shamed. How do we build a base of personal power that is rarely able to be diminished no matter what the circumstances? It involves and includes integrity, clarity, truth, insight, foresight, advanced listening and choosing intelligence, and many other things. Like radical self honesty. You know, the raw, real, hard stuff. In 2011 I ran at least 3,380 kms in total. (I have run over 50,000 kms in the last 16 years.) Swam approximately 572 kms.

[DareToCare] (12/19/2011)
Don’t you love the experience of being gob smacked by people surprising the heck out of you in the best way? Today I met with a long standing client who is a senior executive in a big Australian Corporate. He is on his 3 months long service leave, and was in my area, so we made time for a coffee. Anyone who has been on a team knows that add or subtract one person, and the dynamics of the team changes. Add one more child to a family, the dynamics change. Each team has its pattern integrity. Each relationship between two or more humans has its pattern integrity.

[DareToCare] (11/28/2011)
Dropping a stone into water produces ripples of waves. Dropping anything of mass into liquid will produce the same ripples, whether that liquid is water, wine, milk, oil Pattern Integrity. In Part 1 we introduced the idea that we have in our Western Culture very poor listening skills, and similarly, very poor speaking skills. This article is about creating the ability, with practice, to be able to tune into what is actually going on in a conversation in the moment, to speak directly to what is occurring and to do all of this while maintaining our centre.

[DareToCare] (11/15/2011)
We don’t know how to listen. The old saying, ‘we only use 10% of our brain’ could well apply to our listening ability. Except I would say we probably only hear about 1% of what is available to us. For most of the history of humanity we have lived as nation states, pockets of humanity, similar to the gas molecules in a small glass jar. Within our own ‘jar’ we have found our dynamic equilibrium. However, we have also been pulled by evolutions arrow in a constant quest to evolve.

[DareToCare] (10/31/2011)
Here in Australia we just had Qantas shut down for nearly 2 days, stranding thousands of people around the world. If you scratch below the surface of this action and zero in on the source of why the executive team decided to do this, it reveals the cost of a world in the middle of a transition to globalisation. The world is filled with people who have brought the system do as you are told, go to school, get the required education, get a good job, work for the machine. Today we are seeing the youth saying Hell no. I start my life saddled with massive debt from an education that I was told I needed and now I can’t get a job? How to explain to non runners the feeling of running when you hit the high note? A natural high, the body, nature, beauty, freedom, and low level flying. This passed weekend I participated, for the second year in a row, in The Lamington Classic. This event, now 42 years old, is one of the oldest, if not the oldest trail runs in Australia.

[DareToCare] (10/19/2011)
Integrity…I would have thought that to live in integrity was not that hard a gig. Seems I am wrong. Seems that integrity is the toughest gig in town. Not only that, but that it is rare. It demands of you your best. And more. It demands of you that you say no to a lot of yummy things, and yes to some of the really hard stuff. It comes at a price. Most people don’t pay. We drug ourselves, over eat, stay extra busy, sleep too much or too little. Lurch from one addiction to another. Because underneath is a truth that we are desperately trying to ignore. Yet, paradoxically, in this truth is our ultimate emancipation. Our deepest integrity.

[DareToCare] (8/24/2011)
In the very early days of white mans occupation of what is now known as Berkeley, thousands of men were brought from China as cheap labor, to work the gold mines and the building of the railroad. It was slave labor. What they were offered and what they got was vastly different. I never had anything to do with children. I don’t believe I had even held a baby until I held my new born daughter. I have always preferred animals. But my destiny was to become a mother. It so happened that I was married when I fell pregnant while on oral contraceptives. In the award winning but chilling movie, No Country for Old Men, there is a scene between the psychopath Anton and a woman called Carla Jean, an innocent bystander. If you have not seen the movie, Anton Chigurh kills people with complete disassociation from humanity. It is his chilling absence of emotion that makes his character so compelling and repulsive. The results are not good for Carla Jean.

[DareToCare] (8/3/2011)
In the history of the world it is often the seemingly small events that have the power to make the most significant changes. Rosa Parks refusing to sit at the back of the bus. Mohamed Bouazizi, who’s personal sacrifice sparked an uprising across the Middle East. Instead of medicating ourselves on shopping, food, drugs, alcohol, eternal youth, gossip, reality TV, and intense narcissism as a way to avoid facing what we feel in our increasing fear, far better to step deep into the fear, to speak the truth, and name the devil. For ‘he who cannot be named’ does indeed have a name. Dare we speak it?

[DareToCare] (7/12/2011)
I am thinking to do I capture these thoughts? For this is no ordinary day, in an ordinary Universe. These are no ordinary moments. These people, who I do not know, are no ordinary people. Somehow, all of us, in our own way, have managed to find a door into heaven. And together, but alone, we have shared the most beautiful of beauties. I have lost count, but counting is not that important. I am heading to 20 marathons in total, which has included New York (twice), Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Big Sur, Sydney (pre Olympic, and on the actual Olympic Marathon Course), a marathon at the back of the New Zealand Ironman, and 8 or 9 local Gold Coast marathons. How did we get to this place? The place where the first response to anything we don’t like is to find someone or something to blame? Our complete abdication of any form of responsibility makes me sick to the stomach.

[DareToCare] (6/21/2011)
Like a very high frequency tunable radio set, our ability to pick up and send energetically, instantaneously, to multiple people, within our Universe is advancing at a rapid pace. Our biology is struggling to keep up with our energetic tunability. When I was a little girl I used to go to Sunday school. I don’t remember much about it, except that we would dress up for this occasion. At the time we lived in the West Coast of Tasmania, where it was very cold and very wet. Religion was never discussed in our family. Sunday school was more of a thing that you did because it was the thing to do.

[DareToCare] (6/6/2011)
We need to be ruthlessly honest with the deeper intention behind our actions? Is it to get email addresses to sell more stuff, make more money?? Most of us, if we pause for just a few moments and ask this question, know when we are under the ‘spell’ of spin. When the words that are expressed are designed very specifically to catch us in their spell. A few weeks ago I wrote about getting back to basics. Part of that was to spend 10 minutes every morning and evening in silence. Not necessarily meditation, although it may be, not always prayer, although that may be there, not even contemplation. Silence was the key.

[DareToCare] (5/23/2011)
In the last 40 or so years the world has shifted from a world of parts, to a world of whole. Whole foods, whole earth, global, Gaia. We no longer have the luxury of living in isolation, separate from strangers in other countries. The archetype of the whole is now present on earth and demands from us a different approach. The whole question...what am I doing with my life?? has surfaced again mostly because it feels like only a week ago I celebrated my 50th year, and now I am not that far from 51. As things get ever faster, I am feeling that sense of time and life slipping between my fingers. I have never been a meditator, at least not in the sitting still form of meditation. My running and swimming are my form of meditation. And these two activities are an habitual part of my morning, rain, hail, or shine. In my running there is a space, an expansiveness, at time out from all of the competing commitments.

[DareToCare] (4/7/2011)
I feel quite sure that the God’s are laughing right now. There is a cosmic joke and I am at the centre of it. Thankfully I have some levity around the subject as well, no matter how painful the journey to get to this point. A long time ago, when I was a novice coach, I had a download hit about how to show up in a ‘sales’ conversation. I had been struggling with how to ‘sell’ my services. But I had the dynamic wrong. It was not about me at all. It was not about me forcing myself on people. It was about the support of the person I was engaging with.

[DareToCare] (3/15/2011)
Our model for money, exchange, banking, debt, credit, capital, what has value and what does not have value; the foundations of our economic system, are keeping us stuck in the very broken patterns and system we long to escape from. I have been running for 17 years. I started running to get fit after giving birth to my daughter. It has become a way of life. I have run close to 20 marathons around the world, and many ultra marathons.

[DareToCare] (3/3/2011)
If the world remains patriarchal, will we never give serious committed attention to our environment and our healthy future? Balancing the yin and yang is not an option. We are entering a new era, whether we like it or not. People are seeking new ways of being in relationship to each other, whether that relationship is in business, at work, in our service to, in our home, family and friends. However, the path forwards is completely unchartered. There is no model, no outstanding example.

[DareToCare] (2/15/2011)
Love is the opposite of fear. Of course! Open my heart, allow the Universe to support me, which it is doing anyway. For in the fear I shut down. I become an impenetrable block. And my greatest yearning is to be in flow, to be giving and receiving as in a beautiful dance. The world turns. Everything changes. Yet some things we cling to, desperately trying to breath into it the last vestiges of life. This is how I see the institution of marriage in the developed world. It is, in its current form, a dinosaur, already extinct, but wishing and hoping for a resurrection. Why do I so freely speak thus of an institution that is the background fabric of our postmodern human life? First of all, it is very hard to argue with the statistics. The majority of marriages do not last. Second marriages fair worse.

[DareToCare] (1/19/2011)
Lucky me. I live on the Gold Coast, in South East Queensland, Australia. It is a beautiful place to live, not big enough to be a city but not too small to be a town. 40 km of beautiful beaches. Fabulous weather, outdoor lifestyle, 1 hour to the nearest city, Brisbane, and 1 hour by plane to Sydney. It is also currently `life as usual` while all around us the most horrific destruction is in the process of being cleaned up. Unless you have been under a rock, you will know that Australia, particularly Queensland, has been hit by devastational floods, and an inland ‘tsunami’. This time last week, as the rain kept coming down, an event of biblical proportions was in its warm-up phase. I have decided to take the next few weeks, or months, to sit in and become deeply acquainted with the fear that shows up in my life. Why? Because I no longer want it to be the driver of my life. As well, after a conversation with Caroline Myss last week, where I asked her why my life felt so hard, she suggested I needed to take more risks...that I needed to look at where I was most afraid and step into this fear.

[DareToCare] (12/23/2010)
At about 8.15 am on December 10th, 2010, in Lower Beechmont, Queensland Australia, a new Constellation was born. After a year of circling the perimeter, getting to know each other, discussing values and intentions, four unique individuals from around the world came together for the first time. For the last two months I have been participating in a fabulous course, Calling in the One. To sign up to participate, I had to get over a few hurdles. Including the title of the course. I have never been a big one for finding a soul mate, or even having an intimate relationship. Who the hell am I? I am not the one who took a breath yesterday, or indeed the one who spoke on the phone today. The very fiber of my being has been completely unravelled and reorganised. Who ever I am I am liking more and more.

[DareToCare] (12/1/2010)
The last few years have been very difficult years for me. Starting in around September 2008, the Universe has been conspiring to have me go deep within and look at very long term patterns and beliefs. People are clamoring for ways to use social media for social change. Two veterans of consumer psychology, marketing, and entrepreneurship say there is a replicable framework to achieve this ambitious goal.

[DareToCare] (11/17/2010)
Greed is an inordinate desire to possess more than one needs. More than one needs of wealth, of time, of status, of power, for example. We need positive deviance because change always comes from the fringe, from the non conformists and the counter intuitives.

[DareToCare] (11/4/2010)
Greed in business is and will remain an issue that needs to managed because it is part of the lizard brain, one of the 7 deadly sins, endemic to our human genetic code. I have never been a ‘feminist.’ I am certainly not anti men. So when Arjuna Ardagh and Gay Hendricks published their first iteration of the conscious man’s manifesto to women this last week, I sensed that something very significant was going on. This is one of those small gestures that will be likely to have a very significant ripple effect.

[DareToCare] (10/20/2010)
We start at the bottom of our journey with our possessions, the things that define us. Our photographs, clothes, status, image, title, station in life, career..all of these things bundled into a few suitcases. As we climb, the conditions get more difficult. At some point we delete some of our possessions, culling down to the ‘essentials’. Why would reverence be matched with pride? Pride in itself excludes other. It is self- centred. My pride, even our pride, is a form of separation from other. I am better than, we are better and then. Reverence is the antithesis. Reverence is connection to the whole of life. Reverence is fully alive. Reverence is bathed in light and wholeness. To embody reverence we bow our head, in awe and humbleness to the greatness of all of life. Even if we don’t physically bow our head, we bow in energy towards something greater than self that is beyond words. Reverence as a Business Practice is rare. The two words are not listed together in google. If you want to be at the cutting edge of conscious business, reverence must become a practice.

[DareToCare] (10/6/2010)
Unchecked pride in business and government is sadly, the ‘business as usual’ approach. Conscious business seeks integrity in the workplace, and leadership based on humility and service. The definition the feeling/action of superiority or being more superior than another; boasting about accomplishments (vainglory); seeking admiration for your appearance and achievements (vanity); arrogance, which is when you feel so much more superior than others that you show them disdain; hubris… an excessive pride. Authentic leadership..people talk about it, most of us yearn for it, but what is it. Integral coaching supports the kind of leaders we want to be inspired by.

[DareToCare] (9/22/2010)
Authority and responsibility...We want authority but we don’t want the responsibility that comes with it. We want authorship (power), but we don’t want to be held to account. Part of my daily practice is to read poetry of the mystics. I care not from what tradition they come. Christian, Sufi, Buddhist, atheist… it matters not. The threads are the same. The beauty of mystical poetry brings me closer to Great Spirit. I remember my connection to whatever is beyond my comprehension. How easy it is, in our busy lives, to forget. In my mid twenties, when I was young and exceedingly gullible (I am still gullible, but less so) I said no to several offers from wealthy men to put me in their castle and take care of me. Some of the offers were very attractive. I said no to all, easily..not my path…

[DareToCare] (9/8/2010)
On Tuesday, August 31st, 2010, I did finally feel like this was the beginning of the beginning. A new day, a new way of being, a new life....Getting to this point has been a big deal. Not the last 50 years, but the last few months. Long time readers will know I have been on quite a journey...which has included...Stand up meetings for effective team facilitation are tactical meetings. They are not about strategy, or governance, or getting into technical issues.

[DareToCare] (8/27/2010)
Humans are great at demanding rights, but rarely wish to take responsibility. We need rights AND responsibilities. Where is our definition of social responsibility? What is integrity when it comes down to it. In the Goddess In Everywoman, I read about Artemis. Oh dear. I thought I had more of Athena’s qualities. Funny how sometimes you can look at something and just not see the truth because we don’t want to. Take a bunch of rocks, and some planets, and by examining them in detail, you will not be able to predict the behaviour that occurs between them that we know as gravity.

[DareToCare] (8/11/2010)
In my vulnerability I become invulnerable…These words are from A Course in Miracles, and they have been a guiding light for how I show up in the world, and in this blog. Within the domain of integral coaching we create an individual development plan that is often a part of an executive coaching program. Clean Communication is essential to any integral leadership development plan. Good leadership skills will allow the leader to be sure that the culture ‘keeps it clean’ for health and profitability.

[DareToCare] (7/28/2010)
Using creativity innovation as a game change to solve tough problems by adopting an abundance mindset. Christine McDougalls value, expressed in a non-corporate, very Positive Deviant style, seeks to clearly articulate what Christine brings to her work. Creating a game change when faced with tensions between current reality and the future possibility is an essential tool of creativity innovation. We use the law of abundance in this model.

[DareToCare] (7/14/2010)
Where the truth lies is often not in the obvious places. Truth often defies the logical, rational and reasonable world. Allow me to explain using a story of a running injury in the root chakra. In times of uncertainty, the benefits of running become more recognised. More people are running marathons around the world. The Gold Coast marathon 2010 was no exception. Ordinary people become hero’. Imagine that we can have three wishes granted, on the one condition that they cannot benefit you directly. They have to be wished on behalf of someone else. What would you wish for?

[DareToCare] (6/30/2010)
The age of integrity demands that we become responsible for the field effects of our every action on spaceship earth. As Bucky Fuller said, integrity is the essence.I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down...into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields, which is what I have been doing all day. Inspired by Lao Tzu, this article on courage quotes discusses creative ways on how to overcome fear using love as the core motivation. On June 20th our team, Victory Sports Sprights, ran in the mini Kokoda, a 29 km trail run over part of the Kokoda course. We were 'officials', in that we wore vests to identify ourselves and our task was to be sure people didn't get lost, or take a short cut.

[DareToCare] (6/16/2010)
Here is how I describe it....If the global economic system was a language, like Mandarin, I am probably able to count to ten fluently. It was a bungy jump that taught me how to overcome fear, breakthrough resistance to change, and tell my lizard brain to go sit in the corner and be quiet. Kokoda Update, we have less than five weeks to go before the big event July 17th. On Sunday the 4th of June it was my turn to struggle through a run.

[DareToCare] (6/4/2010)
Without question my journey has been one to ‘get’ that I am not alone. That the mysterious forces of the Universe are always present, able to offer me guidance, answer any question, sooth an aching soul. A well crafted integral personal development plan will provide the necessary stretch. It will include an integral life practice, work on conscious communication, plus many other elements. Last weekend our team of four women spent 4 and a half hours running the toughest part of the Kokoda course.

[DareToCare] (5/20/2010)
I need to find the feminine. Trouble is, I am not sure how to. A friend said bubble baths. Ughh!!! Is there such an thing as truth in politics? Why not? What black swan event needs to happen to create a game change? And The Kokoda Challenge Update.

[DareToCare] (5/5/2010)
Love change, love change..I have been self employed for 25 years because I am unemployable, and I am unemployable because I love change. (and being the creative entrepreneur in control) I am not so good at changing my address, but everything else. As a student of history (and I mean a home grown student, not a graduate of any school of history), it occurs to me that there have been many times in the history of Universe, and specifically in the history of human kind in Universe, when we have been faced with unprecedented crises that portended the end of life as we know it. At what price integrity? If we are to reach a destination truth, we need a game change. We need to say no to little atrocities, and to know that together, we are change. In asking the question, what is security, we need to look beyond the global economic crisis, and into the very model that is the global economy. Its survival depends on our remaining in fear.

[DareToCare] (4/22/2010)
Our economic meltdown is contributing to cost cutting. The energy and time cost due to low accountability at work is rarely measured. Building trust relationships and teaching responsibility are key. The solution to the health care problems and the creation of a viable health care bill is actually very easy. It does however require personal responsibility, plus ethical action and social responsibility. By exploring a definition of love and a definition of power, and the principle of tensegrity (tension and integrity) we find the exquisite balance between love and power.

A timely offering for a great free series.... Join us for The Future of Love 25-part Tele-series (4/9/2010)

[DareToCare] (4/7/2010)
Family Business Succession Planning and coaching requires the ability to work with unique tensions, which may include autocratic leadership, ill-defined boundaries, and assumed values and vision. Linchpin, Seth Godin’s new book, challenges us to become indispensable. Its a book written for positive deviants and others who really understand what it takes to be an artist in our work and life. It has been a shock to me to realise I need to learn assertive communication! Following my last article “On what price Integrity in the workplace?” several things have happened to cause a delicious internal shift. Don’t you love those...where clarity pops out of the blue? Over the Easter weekend my beautiful little dog of 13 years, Muffin, went missing. For me it was as if someone had turned on a tap of grief and a bunch of years of held back tears came flooding out.

[DareToCare] (3/24/2010)
Global Climate Change: are green companies becoming the shadowy side of the global climate change movement with more corporate corruption? Six Foot Track: on March 13, 2010 I was one of 800 people who ran the Six Foot track in the beautiful Blue Mountains Australia. The Hurt Locker: this movie affected me in ways I was not expecting. More of a study of extreme stress, the edge of life and death and the very different coping mechanisms than a look at war.

[DareToCare] (3/10/2010)
We explore the difference between leadership and management by looking at it in the first and second person plus running to lose weight - avoid the pitfalls; And the contemporary art of Olafur Eliasson and how to see with new eyes, follwed by.... that sweet moon language, sharing a poem from Hafiz about our need for love.

[DareToCare] (2/24/2010)
The essential ingredients of a running training program, business leadership coaching, the not so famous famous business leaders and coaching questions...

[DareToCare] (2/10/2010)
From the importance of communication skills, to business leadership skills for the 21st Century, to and executive leadership development program to ethics in business, this issue explores the business side of development, communication and integrity.

[DareToCare] (1/27/2010)
rom scarcity....Not enough weekends, holidays, not enough love, sex, money...I am not thin enough, fit enough, tall enough, happy the definition of integrity...Dig below the surface and you will find that the Definition of Integrity has a deeper more mystical meaning. A little like the word love. We use the word love with little thought as to exactly what it evokes. And yet when we speak of love in the presence of love, everyone present knows executive coaching Australia, to benefits of business coaching...

[DareToCare] (1/13/2010)

“In my vulnerability I become invulnerable.”

For to show compassion requires us to be comfortable in our vulnerability. When we step into compassion we open our heart. Compassion is courage in action.

Great leadership springs from compassion. The impulse to lead for a Gandhi or Mandela is not about power, it is about love.

As Benjamin Disraeli said...Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.

[DareToCare] (11/25/2009)
And here in lies the beauty of life. Are we able to stand living in the mystery? Can our rational mind be allowed to relinquish control about some things, and not have all the answers available, lined up in neat little rows? For many people, this mystery unravels them. Their need to have a rational explanation, to be in control of their world, is so great, that the burden of not knowing truly sucks them into a dark rabbit hole. The impossibility of finding a rational answer to the questions pecking at them becomes so unsustainable, yet like an addict, they keep asking, lost, lost in their need.

[DareToCare] (11/10/2009)
Think of the BIG energy drains. The issues in your life that are constantly on your mind. The one that you are thinking about all day and most of the night. They keep you awake, or cause you to wake too early. It could be a problem at work. Or a relationship that is going south, or has gone south, or an issue about money, or your health? It may have been going on for years, or it may be recent. It may be simple, like a constant thought about yourself..that you are not good enough, or, what is the point..or it may be how do we solve world hunger? The size and complexity is not what we are measuring here. It is the cost and consumption of our energy that we are measuring. It could be exceedingly obvious, or it may be subterranean, lurking vaguely below your consciousness.

[DareToCare] (10/28/2009)
Anger about the blood diamond is acceptable, but if my anger moves to action, it is important that I pause and consider what action I take? And what are the field effects of that action? My action may be to resort to an open expression of anger, such as taking up a fight with the mine managers. Or my anger may move me to create a petition, or even better, a movie with a major star to play the lead role, outlining the story of the Blood Diamonds.

Here in lies the recursive nature intrinsic within comprehensive consideration of our Field Effect. My anger may move me closer or further away from care and consideration of the whole, and the healthy flow of all of life. Which path will I choose? And when we design programs and events for illumination and awareness, are we also considering the field effects in all aspects of our design?

[DareToCare] (10/6/2009)

[DareToCare] (9/20/2009)
The confluence of events of the economy, the environment, our energy supply, plus the issues that do not seem to get onto the table as much, like our entitled, winging, spoilt brat Western world, over indulged, lazy, self centred and deeply narcissistic. On top of this, many people I know are going through their own personal dark night. Whether triggered by illness, depression, the environment around them, loss of work, identity, career...trying to find a way forward when the way looks lost or hopeless for whatever reason....

[DareToCare] (9/3/2009)
Exploring the slums of Rio, Running in Buenos Aires, attending the State of World Forum on climate a life playlist, an integral life practice, examining my definition of success and being sure to love being in a state of Forever Beta...while having the right view to be sure of right intent and right action..

[DareToCare] (7/24/2009)
William James wrote

“Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction.”

[DareToCare] (7/8/2009)

The definition of ecology that got my attention was the one by Frank Herbert, author of the science fiction novel, Dune. I confess I have not read this book, but because of being introduced to his definition of ecology I now have Dune placed on my must buy and read list.

Frank Herbert’s definition of ecology is “The study of consequence.” When I heard this definition I went into immediate and deep introspection. I developed a deep respect for the word ecology.

From one of the highest altitude views I am capable of, I see our current tumultuous times as being the Universes way of saying that we must, as an imperative, look at consequences in all that we do.

[DareToCare] (2/23/2009)
From an archetypal point of view, expressing our global economic crisis as a meltdown links this event directly to the meltdown in our environment...the emergence of climate change..the melting of the ice caps. The economic crisis simply cannot be disconnected from our environmental crisis. They are two faces of the same coin. A credit freeze, somehow speaks of free flow of money being caught in the ice - in the ice caps? If so, we need the ice caps to melt in order to free up the flow. Are we seeking to continue to rape the environment in order to free up the God called cash? Is this what we are asking from the expression of the collective unconscious? Or is the freeze simply our paralysis? Extreme fear blocking flow?

[DareToCare] (12/4/2008)
Ask yourself “Do you want to be left behind, or are you up for the future and all the opportunity it holds?” Can I afford not to take Massive Action Now?

[DareToCare] (11/13/2008)
And it times of massive change people need support, development and input on their NEW mindset. They need leadership development and not just any kind, but the kind that speaks to the future of business.

[DareToCare] (9/30/2008)
A Sixth Sense. Positive deviants have a high degree of self esteem, universal trust, and intuitive respect. Therefore, they seem to be tuned in to a extra sensory compass. This shows up in different ways for different people. For some it is a highly tuned ability to read people, for others it is a very agile grasp of structure, form and systems. Others have a very highly evolved sense of time and space. Whatever the skill, it is based on an ability to tune into the intuitive and have the courage and grace to act from this, with humility, not righteousness.

[DareToCare] (7/25/2008)
Most of my life I am an individual player. The beauty of this event is that it is all about the team, and throwing four strangers together into a very significant challenge for a long day, can, and did, create a most beautiful thing. It is what happens when four people come together in determination to achieve a common goal, working as one and four simultaneously. I once heard a definition of trust using a war analogy. Two people in a fox hole, under fire. Both need to sleep, so they decide to take turns. Would you trust the person to stay awake and watch out for both of you while you slept? Well, Speeeedy Quattro had that kind of trust. It was beautiful.

[DareToCare] (6/8/2008)
Really complex truths require an evolved human being to be able to be present to the truth. They see the patterns and pathways and are able to remove the excess story, emotions and verbiage from the complexity in order to reach the simplicity on the other side.

[DareToCare] (4/26/2008)
When I am in a conversation with another, listening until I no longer exist means to transcend my ego self in the conversation; to NOT have the conversation be about ME. I need to be able to get past all of my personal issues, my need to be right, liked, smart, good, nice. To do this, my focus needs to be entirely on you, and my deepest intention and desire to inhabit your world to the level of understanding and intimacy that will be profoundly felt by you. You, the speaker, will know that you have been completely heard, completely understood, and in the process, given absolute grace as the speaker. I do not need to agree with you, however, you will know that I have heard you at the level of soul.

[DareToCare] (2/11/2008)
So where does this leave me at 47, looking at my life fast approaching 50? No, my life did not turn out as I expected. My hunch is that the next 50 plus years will also not turn out as I expect. Maybe the lesson is to give up the expectation entirely. Hmm. What am I expecting? Probably more of the same old expectations - wealth and fame. And if this NEVER happens, how will I be with myself in that? Will I continue to consider myself a failure? Or will I realise that I have been fabulously successful. Off the charts successful. My work now, and probably my biggest of all challenges, is to stay completely centred in my connection to my guidance, daily, hourly, moment to moment, and to honour this, to the letter, small and big. As my great teacher Buckminster Fuller says: “So, I simply say, what you can do personally is commit yourself to what is truth. That’s all.”

[DareToCare] (11/30/2007)
Finally, we need the virgin goddess. Let me explain. The feminine archetype that we are missing is not a woman with balls, or a sex kitten. She does not rely on excessive testosterone to get the job done, like Maggie Thatcher, who was certainly appropriate for her time. She does not need to seduce with sexual mores. She is definitely a goddess, very comfortable in her own skin, and with her femininity. And she has the qualities of the virgin manifest in purity, freshness, new ways of being in the world. Her world does not rely on a man to complete her. (Or a woman). She can stand alone and remain in her power. She has the capacity for the heartfelt softness of the woman, the ability to join with others in collaboration and without ego. She seeks partnership, not domination. Yet she can say no and be resolute.

[DareToCare] (10/13/2007)
However, if the value equilibrium if broken, if the forces of give and take are not neutralised or balanced, then a situation occurs where there is more give, less take, or more take, less give. This situation is unsustainable in the long term, both at the micro level, which occurs between two or more people, and at the macro level, which we are facing in our crisis of global warming. (This is a more complex discussion on the principle of values equilibrium, beyond the scope of this article. In simple terms, we have been, as a human race, taking far more value than we have been giving back, in respect to the earth/gaia/the environment)

From Great to Intentional Leadership (8/8/2007)

[DareToCare] (8/7/2007)

[DareToCare] (6/15/2007)
Everything else becomes very quiet. I used to think that people who gave up the fight were weak. However, I have learned that the world needs both fighters and people who surrender, and that both are good, and both can be bad. At times even in the fight, surrender is required. Surrender the struggle and still keep moving. Often I will have a mantra going in my head: "Let go and let God".

[DareToCare] (4/12/2007)
Change is difficult, uncomfortable. Emotions will be released. Many of us do not like to experience strong emotion (in ourselves or in others), and especially dislike losing control over our own emotions. The process can take a moment, or years. (Often the individual has some choice around the length of time. We can choose consciously to go after the change, or we can avoid it at all costs, even as it comes chasing us relentlessly.) We fear the other side, the unknown part of change. What will we have to be and do differently? What will life be like? What will we have to sacrifice? Will we lose money, or status, or have to move somewhere? It seems far easier to stick our heads in the sand and die. Figuratively or literally.

[DareToCare] (2/2/2007)
In both promise making and vow taking, there is one element that is critical for success. Full awareness of what we are committing to. When you say to yourself that you are going to lose weight,have you considered what you are really committing to? Not just a diet, but a change in lifestyle, which is permanent? Let's not kid ourselves, that is what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. (Far better to tell yourself the truth and give up the fantasy that you are going to change your life, and accept being overweight, than to continually lie and deceive yourself).

[DareToCare] (12/7/2006)
The Political and economic systems and the political and economic leaders of humanity are not in final examination; it is the integrity of each individual human that is in final examination. On personal integrity hangs humanity’s fate. You can deceive others, you can deceive your brain-self, but you can’t deceive your mind-self-for minds deal only in the discovery of truth and interrelationships of all the truths. The cosmic laws with which mind deals are noncorruptible. Cosmic evolution is omniscient God comprehensively articulate.

[DareToCare] (10/30/2006)
Those of us who do have the capacity, who do have the intelligence in our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental domains, need to develop greater compassion. We need to learn to suffer for those who cannot. We can do that in many ways. First it is through understanding and respect. As Don Beck says: “To speak to people at a level that they haven’t yet reached and expect them to understand is the height of arrogance”. This is what I have learnt in the last 6 months, a deep respect and understanding of a person’s process. And the acceptance that where they are is where they are. Or, as Clares Graves said: “People cannot be until they are.”

[DareToCare] (9/29/2006)
Denial can only exist if we have some awareness of our behaviour, even if it is at a very deep or hidden level. The key identifier of denial is defensiveness and upset, often observed as anger. If you notice yourself defending, or feeling upset about another person’s observation of you or your behaviour, then have a look at the part of you that is in denial. The two go together like the front and the back of your hand. If I have only innocence, there is nothing to defend. If I don’t know what I don’t know and have zero awareness, I have no defensiveness. I have only questions. If I move to acknowledgement, I recognise truth. Herein lies freedom. I can make a choice.

#31 August 06,Perspective Changes, Accountability and Leadership in an Uncertain World, Part 2 (8/19/2006)
In this time of great uncertainty, where are you playing below the line? Who are you blaming, making wrong, judging? What stories do you tell yourself that keep you in the realm of the child? And where are you letting others get away with their blame and justification? For in choosing to live above the line, we also choose to address the source of our troubles both in our small world in the valley, and simultaneously, in the world as seen from space ship earth. In the immortal words of Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

July2006, A New Chapter, Perspective Changes and Truth (7/12/2006)
On the ground, you look like my enemy. From the helicopter I can see that your people are starving and you are fighting to survive. (Any parent that I know would fight over the only bottle of milk that was available to feed their child...and likely fight to the death.) From the space ship we see that beyond the need to survive for food is a bigger threat that all people are exposed to; if we continue to live the way we live, the world will no longer support any form of life.

June 2006, Speak the Truth, New Directions and Resilience. (6/6/2006)
Do we at Syzergy think our work is important? You bet we do! We only have to look at world politics and some of our leaders to recognise that speaking truth seems to have low currency these days. Actually, if you want to get elected as a president, please pass the test on how to lie first. Either that, or be unable to tell the difference between truth and lies. (In my local paper today, a great cartoon, the Premier of the State of Queensland handing out an L plate to the minister who is about to deliver her first state budget. She asks, “Is L for learner?” and the Premier says, “No, it is a lying permit, we all have one now.”)

Life as Feedback, March 2006 (3/1/2006)
Have a look at the world around you, what is right in front of you? Your work, your pay cheque, your bank account, the scales, your down time, the house you live in, your relationships. It is all feedback and points to the choices you have made. It is neither right nor wrong. It just is. If you are really up for it, looking at your life’s feedback squarely in the eye will reveal the truth. And once we have witnessed our truth, there is no going back. We can try to avoid it or deny it, but eventually we know we have to face it, and the sooner we do, the sooner life will open up to us again, and bring us more of what we want.

January 2006, The Conversation is the Relationship. (1/11/2006)
Take a moment to think about the most important relationships in your life. Are there any conversations that are not being had? And what about the other relationships, the ones with your co-workers, your suppliers and your customers? Is there a conversation that you know needs to be had? What is the cost to you and your business, your life, of not having these conversations, not just the financial cost, the emotional, physical and energy cost?

November 2005,The Paradox of Freedom. (11/29/2005)
As we seek more and more freedom, we are missing the very piece that gives birth to freedom. And here in lies the paradox. We have the illusion that freedom means no structure, no discipline, no boundaries. That I get to choose anything I like, when I like, how I like it, as the ultimate freedom.

[Emergence] (10/20/2005)
In Iraq, the heavily Red youth have very little to contain them. They have been taught that their religion is the only religion in the world, the GREAT religion, and yet they look out at the world and notice that they are living on the bread line. (One third of the Arab world lives on less than $2 per day.) And that the infidels are wealthy! They get angry and frustrated, and become easy targets for the Blue based leaders of the insurgency, who then give the Red youth their version of a Blue structure to live under. The question our leaders need to be asking is ~what Blue based structure can we provide for the Arab youth, that encourages the healthy emergence of Blue?~

[Emergence] (9/6/2005)
Gandhi’s immortal words say, “We must be the change the world needs done.” But what if the change we think the world needs is not going to do the most good. Maybe we have to do the change that the world needs doing to it. Maybe the best thing for Iraq is not an Orange Green democracy, but a Red to Blue autocracy, rather like the successful autocracy of Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore? Lee Kuan Yew took a nation with 5 ethnocentric groups, no local resources, and turned it into a stable, modern, wealthy country, without the overt Red bloodletting of Suddam.

[Emergence] (7/28/2005)
When we get our intrinsic desires met to the degree that they are important to us, then we feel fulfilled, happy, and our life has meaning. This is in distinction to short term happiness we get from having a nice meal, or going shopping. When our environment supports our intrinsic desire, we thrive. Our work will be better, we will be happy and motivated and engaged.

[Emergence] (6/29/2005)
Typically, Flame Throwers, Radicals and Zealots are at war, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Communist, Asian, or White European. They will be at war with anyone who does not hold their beliefs, including their own people, the Ideologues, Moderates and Pragmatists. Even former friends who are not extreme enough in their beliefs can become the enemy.

[Emergence] (5/28/2005)
It is in this space..this gap…that our suffering as a human beings lies. It is also in this gap that our self-esteem or lack thereof lies. It is in the space between our word and our actions that our world is less to us. It is in this space that few people rise that extra 10% and become the champions in their work and life. When there is no gap between our word, either to ourself or others, and our actions, we demonstrate integrity, or wholeness, to the fullest extent. The absence of a gap equals alignment, high personal presence and trustworthiness. Who I am inside is what you get outside.

[Emergence] (4/25/2005)
Brick walls are fabulous things. They force us to ask better questions, or die in the lack of asking. They force us to be creative. However, I concede, when faced with a brick wall, our usual response is despair, frustration, and in some instances, hopelessness. I hold the belief that there is no brick wall that doesn’t have a way through. Often it feels the opposite. Impossible, Can’t be done. No way. We simply haven’t asked the right questions? We haven’t created the way. Yet. No matter how dire the situation, we always have more choices available to us than we are aware. Victor Frankl (author of “A Man’s Search for Meaning”) was faced with an extreme brick wall in the form of Auschwitz concentration camp. While his physical choices were extremely limited, he always had a choice about how he thought and acted within that extreme environment. He found meaning in a situation that few of us could begin to comprehend.

[Emergence] (3/22/2005)
Leadership is the effective communication of a powerful story. Our greatest leaders are integral. They can speak the right hand side of the quadrant fluently…they can do the ROI, and the high performance, and the systems. But if we examine the great leaders of the last 100 years, all of them also have lived in and spoken from the left hand side of the quadrant. Their speeches moved us, because they were emotional, and values based. They spoke from their hearts to ours, not from head to head

[Emergence--Personal Evolution for the Integral Leader and High Achiever] (2/24/2005)
The exemplary leader and integral leadership are one and the same thing. One cannot master what one cannot see. The ability to see more clearly is about being able to develop context, and to develop context, we need to develop through the stages (such as Spiral Dynamics, see The more evolved we are, the clearer the sight. This process is not a weekend workshop. This is a commitment to your own evolution. It requires a fundamental integral practise. Implemented daily. It requires working with coaches that challenge your way of seeing and interpreting the world. It requires willingness to sit in discomfort, to question the questions.

Extraordinary Leader#17, Feb 2002, Quit the No Win Game (2/25/2002)
If you place the racket on the ground, leave the court and refuse to pick the racket up again, even if they continue to hit the ball off the court, the game is over. It does not matter how hard your partner hits the ball, how frequently, or when: you no longer play. Game over. Even if they do backwards cartwheels, make threats; large or small, if you quietly refuse to pick up the racket, the game is over.

Extraordinary Leader#16 January2002. Dare to Care. (1/17/2002)
It is not enough for businesses to make a profit.

Why are we (the Company) in Business?
What do we want to be known for?
What is our legacy that we are leaving for our children in this world?
How does our staff feel about us and the company? Are they proud to be a part of what we do?
How do our customers feel about us? Do they clap and cheer, or handle us with suspicion and fear?
How does our work affect the future of our planet? Are we adding to, or taking away?
How am I contributing personally?
Where do I play small/care less/blame/justify?
Finally, how would life be if I surrounded myself with people who demanded I play a bigger game in life because they know I am capable of this?

Extraordinary Leader#15, There is an Elephant in our Conversation! (12/18/2001)
In summary, all of our communication is the basis of life and work. All upsets, misunderstandings, wars and pain occurs through miscommunication. Be vigilant to possible elephants and get them out of your conversations the moment you become aware of them. Keep your relationships and conversations clean and clear and you will have fewer fires to put out, less problems and a freer life.

Extraordinary Leader#14: Servant Leadership, Fast Cars, and the Stuart O'Grady Fan Club (11/12/2001)
True leadership as a leader coach comes from a place of caring enough about people to hold them to be the best they can be. And in so doing, in not caring how we are perceived in the process. Ultimately, if we hold consistently to our belief in others being capable of playing at a different level of behaviour, paradoxically, they will respect us more. And yet, if we made the goal respect, and not service, the chances are we would not get respect, as respect is an outcome of how we show up in our relationships.

Extraordinary Leader#13 Accountability, Puck and Being a Coach (10/9/2001)
In this time of great uncertainty, where are you playing below the
line? Who are you blaming, making wrong, judging? What stories do you
tell yourself that keep you in the realm of the child? And where are
you letting others get away with their blame and justification? For in
choosing to live above the line, we also choose to address the source
of our troubles both in our small world in the valley, and
simultaneously, in the world as seen from space ship earth.

Extraordinary Leader#12, Organisational Structure, women and leadership and metamorphis (8/10/2001)
In ecology, we look at the effect the organisation has on the environment, the community outside the environment, as well as the relationships within. Hierarchies that are established within this theory are not based on domination and control, but on networks that are interlinked. Power is seen in the light of influence, rather than domination. This view is very different to the traditional model of the corporate world.

Extraordinary Leader #11, Success and the art of requesting. (6/11/2001)
LEADERSHIP: Defining Success.
RELATING: The Art of Requesting.
ON THE PERSONAL SIDE: Fame, running and getting out of the box.
ON THE BUSINESS SIDE: Safe Environments for Truth
UPCOMING EVENTS: Speaking at The Life Coaching Academy.


Extraordinary Leader #10, Responsible Relating (5/1/2001)

We each have behaviours that we have grown into, often times without conscious awareness. Manipulation is one such possible behaviour. Playing the role of victim is another one. Many people live out these behaviours without knowing that this is their way of being. The job of the coach and leader is to awaken people to their own blindness. In this action, transformation occurs, easily and effortlessly.

Extraordinary Leader#9. All I want for Christmas is to realise my Goals (12/13/00)
Have you ever noticed that as each year comes to a close, you wonder why you're still doing the same old things you promised yourself last year that you wouldn't do any more? And then there is your wish list of things that you would like to do, things that you always talk about but never eventuate? Well, you are not alone!
Research indicates that between 75% - 85% of people who set goals, abandon them. The findings of the study confirmed that the majority of adults abandon their goals before they are achieved. Often times the cause of this is the unpleasant nature of learning new skills, of doing things differently, or changing our ways of doing and being. Rarely do people focus on what they would feel like if they stuck it through the discomfort phase and got to the other side. How they would then feel after they had learned their new skill or behaviour, and had mastered the goal. Instead they focus on the unpleasant feeling now.

Extraordinary Leader#8 Step Over Nothing (11/3/00)
In the book, "Abilene Paradox" by Jerry B. Harvey, he refers to another book, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A report on the Banality of Evil, by Hannah Arendt. Arendt tells the compelling story of how the Jewish council played a collusive role in what became the extermination of the Jews. They compiled lists for the Nazis of people to be deported. They distributed yellow star badges and armbands on behalf of the Nazis. Meanwhile, the King of Denmark and the Danish Court took such a strong and united stand against the Nazis. They told the Nazis that they would not allow the Danish Jews to wear armbands with yellow stars. If the Jews had to wear one, then everyone in Denmark would wear a yellow star, including the King. Against such a united resistance, most of the Danish Jews where saved.

It sometimes requires true moral resolve and clear thinking to recognise a tiny pea (in this case a little atrocity), and nip it in the bud. The benefits though of stepping over nothing, ranges from improved and sustainable relationships, greater peace and happiness, and a better quality of life - even life itself.

Extraordinary Leader#7 Playing above the Line (10/9/00)
I am reminded of the great Victor Frankl, survivor of the Nazi concentration camps and author of the book, "Mans Search for Meaning". Even in such extreme circumstances as Auschwitz, Victor played above-the-line. He did not get caught in the blame cycle, which would have been oh so very easy. In his choices he looked at himself, and his personal responsibility to his circumstances.

Leaders, whether in the great arena of public life, or in the smaller but no less significant arena of organization and family, rise to greatness when they choose to play above-the-line.

Extraordinary Leader#7 Playing Above the Line (9/10/00)
I am reminded of the great Victor Frankl, survivor of the Nazi concentration camps and author of the book, "Mans Search for Meaning". Even in such extreme circumstances as Auschwitz, Victor played above-the-line. He did not get caught in the blame cycle, which would have been oh so very easy. In his choices he looked at himself, and his personal responsibility to his circumstances.

Leaders, whether in the great arena of public life, or in the smaller but no less significant arena of organization and family, rise to greatness when they choose to play above-the-line.

Extraordinary Leader #6 The Coaching Formula (9/3/00)
The Coaching Formula.
Holding a bigger vision and listening until you no longer exist are the corner stones of coaching. Truth telling and trusting your intuition evolves from having focused and enhanced listening skills combined with putting aside your own agenda, to really hear what is going on for the other person.

Extraordinary Leader#5 "Superwoman, Superman - Time To Take A Sledge Hammer To The Myth! (8/1/00)
My sense is that we are reaching a breaking point, a point where the
superhero is overworked, has no life, and is a person who is no longer going to be a role model of success. Success as society defines it, needs a kick in the butt. Our children are demanding it. The statistics on the breakdown of the family unit, increased suicide rates, increased crime etc., are the writing on the wall.

Leadership is not about being a superwoman or a superman. Leadership is
about choosing to be a role model, and leading a role model life with time to play, learn, be with family, be with friends, and to be present and available to your staff. You cannot be present as a leader if your life is filled with putting out fires and playing the role of the superhero.

Extraordinary Leader ~~Special Announecment~~ (7/18/00)

Extraordinary Leader #4 July 2000 Pinciples of Loose/ tight (7/4/00)
Having clear and simple rules, clarity of roles, well defined goals, and a clearly defined purpose create the "tight" - the boundaries in which you can operate. "Loose" then becomes the freedom in how we choose to play within these "tight" boundaries.

Extraordinary Leader#3 "Leader As Coach" (6/11/00)

Extraordinary Leader #2 The Warrior As Leader (5/5/00)
An Executive Summary Of The Feature Article.
Ultimately the game of win/lose is a game of power. Who has the most power? The game originates from a lack of self worth. We only need to get more power if we feel that we do not have enough to start with!
When I realised, this I started to rethink the game of the warrior with the sword. How much power do I need. What about myself do I not feel is enough? Where do I lack? Which game do I want to play?

Extraordinaryy Leader(previously Optimal Performance) (4/7/00)

The journey of the leader begins as always with your own journey. Unless you are working on your own leadership - the leadership of your self, the chances of powerfully leading others is remote.

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